Welcome to our A Loc Hotel

A Loc Hotel 1 and A Loc Hotel 2 (1 star)

With the location that is on the Tran Nao Street (center of Thu Thie New City Zone, District 2) with infrastructure that is under goverment investment is very good, the customers can reach the center of district 1, Ho Chi Minh City, The Ben Thanh Market within 10 minute time.

    Especially the rooms is of the distance of about 30m from the Saigon River and they are designed with special way, this Hotel is the place to assist you to relax, lightly after hours of busy work and hard stressful life, you can walk to watch the river and drink coffee close to Sai Gon River beside your relatives or you can enjoy dinner peacefully with luxurious restaurants on the Tran Nao Streets.

A Loc 1 and A Loc 2 Hotel has 23 good quality rooms. When you arrive to our hotel you can have peace in mind concerning security, high quality rooms and high quality service. Employee at A Loc are recruited, trained and their conduct are of good standard.

 A Loc Hotel 3 (2 stars)

3 rd A Loc Hotel with 30 rooms that reached the international standard of 2 stars. The professional architecture of Europe. It aims for the purpose to take care of your health that be our hotel's first grade. Now, our hotel undertake that we have  used 100% of high-grade natural wood, 100% of Kymdan rubber mattress and high grade interior decoration.

Beside the advantage is near Tan Son Nhat air-port, the esteemed client need 10 minutes only to arrive it, the hall of reception is decorated lightly with the private style, our personnel have been trained with standard morals. Our hotel will be a faithful, safe location of esteemed client.